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Hello guys! My name is Tom Wilson. I am an expert in Garmin support.

How to carry out map updates?

Map updates guarantee that your smartphone calculates precise and efficient routes to your destinations using the most up-to-date mapping data.

  • Go to on your PC.

  • An arrow pointing towards a laptop appears as a file icon.

  • To complete the installation, open the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Begin using Garmin Express.

  • Using a USB cord, connect your Garmin® gadget to your computer.

  • With arrows, a USB device is connected to a laptop.

  • Your device is detected by the Garmin Express program.

  • To register for a product, enter your email address (optional).

  • Save the device by clicking the save button.

  • Check for updates by clicking the check button.

Tom Wilson

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