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Analyzing Shark Navigator Lift-away Deluxe NV360 Vacuum Cleaner: Advantages And Limitations

The Shark brand's vacuum cleaner is very popular recently because of its durable quality and low price.

The Shark Navigator Lift-away Deluxe NV360 vacuum cleaner is an extremely popular upright vacuum cleaner on the market today. Over 12 months of use, we have learned both the strengths and limitations of this model.

Talking about the advantages, the Shark NV360 Vacuum Cleaner has obvious advantages such as:

  • Strong suction power compared to vacuum cleaners of the same price range. Shark navigator lift away deluxe nv360 costs about 150 - 160 USD, but the suction power and durability, I rate it higher than other lines in the low price segment.

  • The brush at the top of the machine can be easily controlled. Normally, the brush mounted at the top of the machine will automatically rotate each time the vacuum cleaner works. However, in this Shark Navigator NV360 machine, the company has a separate on/off switch for the brush. You can manually turn off the brush for floor cleaning to avoid scratching the floor and turn on the brush when you want to vacuum the carpet.

  • Lift-away feature: allows you to disassemble the body to form a convenient handheld vacuum cleaner. It helps clean crevices, nooks and cupboards - places that hard to reach in your home.

  • Three filters are integrated and can be cleaned with water.

  • The noise generated during operation is not too loud.

  • Tool clamps help secure the tools that come with the vacuum cleaner, so you won't have to worry about losing them or having to find them every time you need them.

  • The suction release slider helps support the force of the body if the adhesion to the floor is too strong.

Discussion of disease, this vacuum has the following limitations:

  • The stand of the machine is not stable, it is easy to fall and fall if you accidentally touch it lightly.

  • The vacuum hose is too short, difficult to extend to vacuum at a distance.

  • Shark navigator NV360 vacuum cleaner is equipped with a hair removal brush but this function is still limited. With a large amount of hair, fur, fabric,... entangled in the vacuuming process, the machine cannot be completely removed. At this point, you have to manually remove it.

  • Short power cord (under 30 feet), not convenient for flexible vacuuming of many areas.

  • The included tools are basic, not high-end tools like expensive vacuum cleaners. However, it should also be noted that this is just a mid-range vacuum cleaner, not an expensive one.

  • Lift-away mode is divided into two types: one that can be integrated with external support tools and one that does not. Shark Navigator Lift-away NV360 is not supported.

  • The ability to clean corners is not really good because the machine cannot move flexibly with the dust collector and the power cord is too short.

  • Low dust collector. I mean when sucking debris a bit larger than the standard size, the Shark NV360 is almost impossible to suck because the vacuum head is too low, but the debris is higher than this head.

In addition to Shark navigator lift away deluxe NV360, Shark has many other models that vacuum equally well. Please compare carefully before buying to really not regret it!


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